Msg  #  :  10287 – Sunday July 17th


To         :  ALL

Topic    :  STAR TREK

Hi, I never explained this on the summary so I better here (for those of you playing Star Trek for the first time)………………………

STR: Strength

INT: Intelligence

DEX: Dexterity

END: Endurance

CHA: Charisma

LUC: Luck

PSI: Psionics


WOUND HEAL RATE is the rate at which a person recovers from a wound.  This is given as the amount of points regained after one days rest.

FATIGUE HEAL RATE is the rate at which a character will recover from temporary damage taken by his END.  This gives the no. of points recovered through 30 min. of inactivity.

AP: Action Points will be ignored due to it would be too complicated to run for a bbs roleplaying system.  END acts as hit points.

That’s it for now folks……

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Msg  #  :  10288 – Sunday July 17th

From   :  S.K.Y.

To         :  NITE OWL 

Topic    :  BARD’S TALE I

The object of the game is to kill Mangar, the evil oppressor of Skara Brae.  He lives in one of the towers, but the only way to get to him is to get a lot of stuff and then enter his tower by way of the sewers.  I’ve got maps and the cluebook, so leave a message if you need more help.

                                >     The   S.K.Y.     >


Msg  #  :  10289 – Sunday July 17th

From   :  MERLIN

To         :  WHO

Topic    :  WHAT

S.K.Y.:  I was wondering if you could tell me the exact location of the old man in the castle.  As I said before, he found the guy, yet didn’t answer the question.  And now he can’t remember where the old geezer is.

Anyone here interested in playing a Warhammer Fantasy module?  I you don’t own the rules, we could play ‘The Oldenhaller contract’, or we could play a full module: ‘Shadows over Bogenhafen.’.  If you are interested I’ll leave the module introductions on some other date.  If you have never played Warhammer, it’s worth a try.  It’s got a fantastic combat system.  Leave me a message.

/ \ / \ E R L I / \ /


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